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    Indian Red

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    1313 Hoodoo St.

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    Bo Dollis


Bo Dollis - Indian Red

Guardians of the Flame outside of Poke’s, as they start their march.

Hubs and I just started watching Treme…and damn if I haven’t spent every second rediscovering all of this incredible music.

I haven’t visited Louisiana, let alone New Orleans in years. Hubs has never been. The idea of visiting with he and our boys and having them hear all of this music, in context, has me giddy!

On cloud 9! Saw my favorite band, in a tiny venue, tickets cost next to nothing, and they played a song I have been dying to hear live-Light Catches Your Face! Plus my other favorites, Rocky Took a Lover, Velcro, The End is Nigh, Eve Is The Apple of My Eye, Flame, Tongue, and some songs I have never heard them play before. The encore was a cover of Orbison’s, She’s A Mystery to Me. Their voices are so beautiful…it was just too much really.

I am extra thankful because I married a man who likes the same music that I do, and was just a amazed and thankful that we were able to see this show.

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