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the guardian imagines what historical figures might look like today. my personal favourite is shakespeare, reincarnated as a shoreditch hipster.

but can you imagine how’d he’d sound a loft party? 

“I’m going to subvert the whole, like, narrative ideal by telling you upfront that these two, like, teenagers are going to fall in love and die, and then do it. So there’s no more hiding in the words. Stark, yeah? And then, I think I’ll hide a sonnet in their big scene together, right? It’ll be subversive, because only, you know, people who are up on sonnets will get it…..what? No, she’s thirteen—a little edgy but that’s art, man. Art.”


Outlander Ep 8 thoughts *spoiler*

I already posted this on FB, but thought I would post here too, just to see if anyone had any similar thoughts.

SO many feelings about last night’s episode. When Frank and Claire were running toward the stones, and calling one another’s names- my heart just broke and I shed a few tears. I LOVE that this element has been added to the show. It adds so much more to the story. For most of us, we love Jamie and staying with him would be a no-brainer. We have to remember that Claire and Frank loved one another, enough so that rather than call off the marriage after so many years apart, they had something there to build on, and the chance was taken away from them before it started. I like seeing Franks experience- DG couldn’t do this in the novel, so it is nice that it is presented here.

Then, after feeling so much love for Claire and Frank…seeing Frank’s face on that awful monster, made my skin crawl! Tobias deserves all of the awards for his ability to portray these two men! When Jamie appeared at the window (knight in shining armour indeed!) I loved the smile on Jack Black’s face- as if to say, “Oh, this has suddenly gotten much more interesting.” and from the point of view of watching a story unfold, I found myself with the same smile on my face. And when I realized I was feeling what JBR was feeling- I felt a bit ill!!! Such great storytelling!!!

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